Re: The Old Strategic Spot on Hokkoku Street; Yanagase (北国街道沿いの要衝;柳ケ瀬)

Good autumnal weather has continued in Kansai district of Japan. As I am an outdoor type boy, I cannot help but go outside on such a beautiful day. As I wanted to go a bit different place than normal, I went for a bike ride today, instead of walking. Yanagase, which is now a deserted small village, used to be a strategically important checking station place in Edo period (江戸時代), from more than 400 years ago.
At the side of old road, I found a stela for guiding to Tsuruga (敦賀) and other places in Echizen (currently, Fukui Pref.) Many travelers must have come and gone on the road those days, but now no one tries to walk on the old trail, which is thickly covered with Japanese silver grasses (ススキ).

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