Re: A Play by the College Drama Circle, “Kuroe”

I saw the play today at the Exchange Center of the Univ. of Shiga Pref. (滋賀県立大学) The reasons why I had an interest in the event were:
1) I used to attend the University’s extended lectures for consecutive 3 years (2018, 2019, 2020) before COVID-19 spread
2) I, myself, used to belong to a drama circle when I was a college student
The title of “Kuroe” comes from the code name (AHX-968) of the main character android (an artificial created human; humanoid), which was named by the heroine EMMA. She time-shifted to 3,008 years in the future (when an asteroid collided on the Earth and many died), with a mission by the Doctor for conveying updating program for the android.
An android was usually created for human’s convenience. Of course, it doesn’t have any feeling or emotion, both of which are unique to human beings. But, through people’s affection toward a new-born baby, quarrelling and reconciliation among EMMA and her surrounding young guys, and a kind of LOVE to Kuroe, the android finally acquired tender-feeling of LOVE, like a human. That was the updating program that the Doctor had handed over EMMA.

The Pamphlet of the Play, “Kuroe”
The Library of the Univ.
The Symbol Building of the Univ.
The Signboard of the Play in front of the Exchange Center
A Small Stream Flowing in the Campus
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