Re: The Positive Effect to Our Health of the Radio Gymnastics

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I’ve continued the gymnastics every early morning since I retired from the office. That’s why I had a big interest in the contents page of a Weekly Magazine on an ad in a Paper. The phrase said that you can prolong your longevity remarkably with the Radio Gymnastics, which Samurai players of World Baseball Classic had done it too, and may protect you from dreadful cancers and high-blood pressure. Of course, I bought it immediately at a bookshop the next morning.
Impressive points of the article are as follows;
1) To rejuvenate your vascular age (血管年齢を若返させる)
2) To reinforce your density of bone (骨密度を強化する)
3) To protect from being affected with cancers (癌への罹患を軽減させる)
4) To protect from being confined to your bed, by enhancing your function of the heart and lungs (心肺機能を高めることにより寝たきりを防止する)
I’m not quite sure that the reliability of all the topics is true since this is not an academic essay but a kind of tabloid article. I can firmly say, however, the following 2 points;
1) Continuity is the father of success; Not only the gymnastics but anything others, too. (継続は力なり)
2) There must be a good reason, since it has lasted for more than 100 years.

[In Japanese]












The weekly magazine’s cover (Apr., 15-22 issue) 


[1] Stretch arms
[2] Legs bending and stretching, with arms waving
[3] Recurve chest
[4] Twist body

[1] 伸びの運動

[2] 腕を振って脚を曲げ伸ばす運動

[3] 胸を反らす運動

[4] 身体を捩じる運動

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