Re: One of the Most Pleasant Climates in a Year

[In English]

When I was making a walking exercise around the Lake this afternoon, I suddenly realized that now is the best climate in a year. It’s not too cold and not too hot lately.
All the common cherry flowers have already gone, and my favorite season of new green leaves seems to have started.
Luckly, I discovered other kind of cherries are now in full bloom, almost 2 weeks later from the days when they talked about cherry-blossom viewing.
I have to let them know about the landscape.… as it’s so wasteful to view the flowers all to myself.

[In Japanese]

タイトル:今が年中で一番気持ちの良い気候ですね (^^♪




Whitish Cherries, a bit different from that popular ones


Lake Yogo, the front mountain is Mt. Yokoyama


My Favorite Walking Path


These Shrubs have Grown Tall before I Noticed


Another Kind of Cherries are in Full Bloom


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