Re: On-the-Spot Investigation for the 2nd Work of Our Thinning Project in Yogo of Nagahama

I’ve been in charge of the project since Apr., in 2020, when I was the leader of our community association (自治会長). Many mountainous districts in Japan started planting trees from around 70 years ago, especially cedars or cypresses (杉や檜) under the sponsorship of the Farm Ministry of Japan. But, due to increase of cheap woods imported from abroad, the landowners haven’t entered the mountains to take care of the trees lately, so they say that quite a few regions in Japan have been devasted now. That’s why our community set up the “Revitalization Commitee of Our Village Forest”.

As the responsible person of the project, I often tried to walk along the strip roads to check the progress during the 1st work in 2020 and 2021. And one month has already passed in the 2nd work this year too, I climbed near the site along the mountain path yesterday. I found no less than 10 thick trees collapsed, crossing the path, which must be a big obstacle for hikers. So, I asked the forestry cooperative to cut them and remove away.

Since it was clear and brisk weather, I tried to walk a bit far after the working site. I was very lucky enough to happen to find a good place from where I could see Mt. Ibuki and even a tall tower of an Elevator factory in Maibara city. I met no one nor no wild bears during the investigation walk. (^-^;

Several thick cedar trees were collapsed due to the 21st Typhoon in 2018
I noticed afresh that this area must be so nice when the leaves of these trees change colors
I found the nice spot from where the Mt. Ibuki can be seen.
There was a small stone Buddhist image at the Mountain Path
The truck I walked on the day
I was not so tired though I climbed up and down 370m ,…Yay, I’m still young
From the viewing spot, I can see the Mt. Ibuki and clear streetscape of KOHOKU plain field
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