Re: Small Driving Trip around the Northern Region of Kyoto on a Peaceful Autumn Day (京都大原寂光院)

After a periodical dental checkup in Nagaoka-kyo, I visited again the northern rural spot of Ohara, which reminds us of ancient temples of Sanzen-in and Jyakko-in with moss-covered Japanese gardens. Jakko-in was my first visit, however I remember that the main hall was destroyed by fire in May, 2000. I didn’t know the temple’s tradition, but they say that it was built by Prince Shotoku in 594 for praying his father, Emperor Yomei (用明天皇). The female priest temple is also renowned for a sad story of Tokuko (建礼門院), who was a daughter of Taira-no-Kiyomori (平清盛) and a mother of Emperor Antoku (安徳天皇). The noble lady entered the temple in 1185. The ruin of her residence and her tomb still remains in the precinct. Old maple trees there haven’t changed the leaves’ color yet, but I’m sure the old temple must catch a lot of sightseers in late of Nov.
Before I visited Ohara district, I dropped at my favorite (cheap but delicious) lunch restaurant at the student town of Hyakuman-ben (百万遍) area, where I happened to see the book drives (古本市) at Chion-ji temple.
It was a nice drive for me along the “Mackerel Road” (which connects Obama to Kyoto; 鯖街道) too. I was able to buy that famous Mackerel Sushi (鯖寿司) on Route 367. (^^♪

The Temple Gate of Jyakko-in (寂光院) at Ohara Area

Newly Built Main Hall

At the Moss-covered Garden of the Temple

Long Stairsteps Toward Tokuko’s Tomb (建礼門院のお墓)

The Book Drive “Festival” at Chion-ji Temple

The Engineering Dept. of Kyoto Univ.

My Favorite Lunch at Hi-lite Restaurant for Students
Famous Souvenir of Mackerel Sushi
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