Re: Walking along the Clear Stream of the Niu River

It’s been continuing exceptionally hottest days in Japan this summer. After a short visit the nearby public library, I went out to the Niu River (丹生川) which flows in the mountainous area of our district, the name of which has already disappeared on a map. The sound of fast-running water was so loud that I couldn’t hear even the chorus of cicadas. I met several elderly anglers who must have come from cities for enjoying fishing sweet fishes.
On the way back from the resting spot surrounded with thick forests, I dropped by the famous spring water place, and brought 6 bottles of the natural water back to my home. I cannot wait for drinking Scotch and hot coffee, made with the “Famous Water of Walnut Valley” (胡桃谷の銘水).

At the place where the flow is slow, I was able to see many fish are swimming comfortably
An angler can be seen far away from the spot I took the photo
At the white water (rapid flow of the stream), the sound is so loud that we may not notice it when a wild bear appears….(^-^;
Standing at the riverside, where no one except an eccentric man like me appears
May I add the motion picture so you can know the atmosphere much more vividly?
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