Re: The 1st Guest of KOHOKU Tour (私のツアーの第1号顧客 !(^^)!)

I created my own website of KOHOKU Tour about half a year ago. The website is for a tour guiding for guests, especially from abroad, i.e., inbound tourists. KOHOKU is the northern region of Lake Biwa, which is definitely not on the golden route of Japan tour, but I believe the area has the potential of becoming the “low-key” tourist site.

I’ve known it very well that it is not so easy to get applicants who raise their hand as I expected. But that strict restriction for tourism in Japan has been eased since this Oct., 11, we expect sightseers will be gradually increasing from now.

This is not an application to my recommendable tour on the website, but I got a message the other day from a student who is now studying the architecture at the graduate school of a national univ. in Kyoto, requesting me to guide around Lake Yogo and surrounding areas. (I happened to become an acquaintance with her about 1 year ago, when she visited my hometown for her research.) Considering good weathers and our schedules, I showed her around KOHOKU for her 2 night’s “Research” tour. The number of “spots” we visited was no less than 60, all of which were not necessarily scenic sites but just commonly-seen landscapes which she wanted to see.

I was happy to hear from her that she enjoyed the “tour” very much and fruitful. (It was a good opportunity for me, too, as I was able to study myself afresh about my hometown.)
The “Tour Fee” was nothing, because I had been determined to do so for the 1st guest of my tour! (I was honored to have such a charming and hard-working student for my first “job”.)
[NOTE] I already had a permission from her to post her photos.]

At the southern-most scenic place of Lake Yogo (1 of 2)
At the southern-most scenic place of Lake Yogo (2 of 2)
Research from an Old Villager
At the landing pier for fishing lake smelts

In front of the Old Stable in the Post Station of Kinomoto, where a market fair of cows and horses used to be held annually from old days

In front of one of the oldest drug-shops of Chinese medicines

At the summit of Shizugatake (賤ケ岳) battlefield (1 of 2)
The backside is Lake Biwa

At the summit of Shizugatake (賤ケ岳) battlefield (2 of 2)
The backside is Lake Yogo

In front of the Temple Gate of Tohjyu-in (洞寿院), which used to be one of the prestigious Zen-temples

At the Niu Valley (丹生渓谷)

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