Re: Rose Flowers are Now in Full Bloom at “Rosa & Berry” Tawada, an English Garden

Many friends have posted superb beauty of Roses on FB since May arrived. As I read an article about the flower on the paper, I went to the garden at the foot of Mt. Ibuki (伊吹山) on a fine weekday, a bit too warm though. Though the day was not a holiday, the inside of the wide spot was much crowded than I had imagined. I walked 2 and half an hour around the whole area, from “Rose and Perennial Garden” to the real world of “Shaun the Sheep Farm” on the top of a small hill, including Craft and Baking Workshops and Petting Farms of sheep and ponies.
Roses are, to be sure, “Queen of flowers”,… it is like an artistic elaborate workmanship, it has many kinds of charming colors, and above all, it has ELEGANCE like a noble princess.

Roses of a rich red color
At Rose Garden
In front of “Rosa & Berry Manor”
The English Garden Filled with Rose Flowers
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