Re: “Exercise Brain” Authored By Anders Hansen
—- How To Train Your Brain According To The Best & Latest Neuroscience —-

I believe that the best-seller book must be one of the most impressive ones among all that I’ve read so far. Since the author is an active medical doctor in Sweden and has published more than 2,000 papers for medical journals, the content based upon the latest neuroscience is persuasive enough.
After retirement from the office more than 5 years ago, I’ve continued daily athletic exercise such as walking and muscle training. This is because I want to keep in shape by the aerobic exercises, which is expected to be able to lose weight. It might be true, but besides that, the book tells us quite new effects of exercise, which have been scientifically demonstrated;
1) Reduce depression
2) Enhance your power of concentration
3) Enhance your memory
4) Enhance your creativity
5) Enhance your IQ (Intelligence Quotient; 知能指数)
6) Decrease dementia disease
7) Prolong your healthy life-span, by lowering blood pressure, blood-sugar level and inflammation in your body
8) Makes you look much younger
9) Prevent your brain’s aging
10) Become proactive
You don’t have to do hard exercises, but the keyword is to continue; “Continuity is power!!!”

(The translation into Japanese is very idiomatic and understandable!)

The Book’s Cover
The Underside of the Cover:
Biologically, our brains and bodies are still in Savanna. We are, intrinsically, hunter-gatherers.
The Book’s Back Cover
Chapter 8
Healthy Brain
Secrets for Longevity, free from all diseases such as DEMENTIA, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HIGH BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL
The words of Fauja Singh, the oldest marathon runner
I’ve tried to move my body very frequently. I’ve made it a rule to walk, jog or run for 4 hours a day every day. Thanks to that exercise, my heart and body are always fresh.
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