Re: Odani Castle “Sengoku” Historical Museum (小谷城戦国歴史資料館)

This year is the 450th death anniversary of Asai Nagamasa (浅井長政), who is well known as the father of that Asai Three Sisters (浅井三姉妹) and the husband of Oichi (お市), a sister of Oda Nobunaga (小田信長). I heard that several events for commemorating one of the young heroes in the Provincial War are being held at around his mountain castle, Odani-Jyo (小谷城). I dropped by the museum at the base of the castle today, but didn’t climb up to the castle ruins, since they say it may take about more than 3 hours by foot. (I didn’t have enough time to do so, and it seemed to be too hot.)
There is an unexplored hot spring resort “Sugatani Onsen” (須賀谷温泉) near the castle, where the happy couple of Nagamasa and Oichi used to go for their hot spring cure.

The Castle is said to be the best for feeling attraction and for a stage for a novel
The Short Story of the Asai Three Sisters

Sugatani Hot Spring Inn
On the Way Back to My Home, I visited the Tallest Jizo Bosatsu (a kind of the God) Statue at Kinomoto.
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