Re: Kaiyo-do Plastic Figure Museum in Nagahama

Kaiyo-do (海洋堂) used to be just one of common store of plastic models. And the owner opened “Kaiyo-do Figure museum” in 2005 at the main spots of Nagahama which has started gaining popularity from sightseers, by an innovative idea of some influencing persons of the city who wanted to revitalize the retro-flavored city. The staffs have developed new presentations in the diorama box, the theme of which are, for example, the history of lives of the Earth, anime, special effects films and Japanese historical culture such as Buddhist Statues, all of which are made elaborately from plastics.
I popped into the museum today with the “Nagahama Romantic Passport” (長浜浪漫パスポート; 1,200JPY), by which we can visit 5 spots in the city. (The admittance fee of 1,000JPY might be a bit too expensive, though I know such a museum is very rare in the world…)

The Entrance of the Unique Plastic Model Figure Museum
The Elaborately Made Figures
Famous Specter Anime “GeGeGe no KItaro”
That Famous Godzilla is Destroying the City
I don’t Know the Heroine’s Name, but I was Charmed a Lot !(^^)!
Looks like a Real Elephant!!
Famous Buddhist Statues
The Wind-chime “Tunnel” near the Museum
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