Re: A Diary of a Taxi Driver Who Moves “Round and Round”

I’m fond of reading this “Diary Series”, because every author seems to be almost the same age as myself, and all the stories are based on the real experience the authors actually had tough time up to now. These stories are filled with a lot of comical pathos which sometimes makes me feel a kind of “righteous indignation” at other’s unreasonable responses.
A taxi driver usually had to earn at least 50,000 JPY a day, starting from 7:00 o’clock in the morning till night. The author had served no less than 40,000 users in the metropolitan city of Tokyo, such as a boss of Japanese Mafia, a fraud, and a guest to a kind of off-color places (pink salon or love hotel).
The author said that he couldn’t help but take the job when his own company collapsed, and continued it for 15 years till 65 years old. He confessed that he now doesn’t need to reflect his decision to get to the job was right or not, …there is only the fact that he has come through as a taxi driver.

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