Re: What do you think the tree’s name is?

I used to be a bit impressed to see the lines of these trees on Route 365 of our district,… the colors of the trees are red, pink, and white, and the life of the pretty blossoms are relatively long, compared with usual flowers that we often see in each season. (I’m not quite up on flower’s name, either.)
But, I was able to persuade myself at last when someone told me the name was “Crape Myrtle”. Everyone would never forget the name when he (she) sees the trunk of the trees….it doesn’t have any barks around it, just like a naked shaft. So, we can imagine that even a monkey cannot climb up the tree, since it seems to be so slippery. Yes, we call the tree a “Monkey Slipping” (サルスベリ) in Japanese.
They also call it a “Hundred Days Red” (百日紅), too, from the flower’s long-life. (It’s sure we can enjoy it for long term, but I’m not quite sure it lasts for no less than 100 days.)

The flowers look nice at the lakeside, too.
Do you think that a monkey can climb up the “Naked Trunk” with no barks?
“Live” photo taken by my i-Phone
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