Re: iPhone Perfect Manual 2022

Though murderously hot days have continued for the past 7 days in our district, it was raining all the day today. But, it was rather a productive day today for this horrible IT-illiterate old boy (IT音痴のオヤジ). So far, I may have used only less than 10% of the basic function of the latest mobile phone, so I studied afresh the basics and techniques for better application with the manual.
Just reading a book bears nothing. So, I tried to put into practice what I discovered today, though an example 1) below is just an ordinary use for the young guys and 2) is not necessarily efficient way (but is a bit surprise for me);
1) Music
I downloaded more than 100 my favorite songs from CDs with help of iTunes. The old folk songs which used to be very popular in my school days (about 50 years ago) remind me of those bitter sweet days….
2) Send “Handwriting” memo with “Message”
This discovery is not so practical and useful, but interesting for me
Anyway, I acknowledged afresh that it’s a big waste that we don’t even try to use such abundant functions. We have to take advantage of the modern wisdom.

The Book’s Cover
1) The Old Folk Songs that I Downloaded Today
2) “Handwriting” Memo that I Sent with “Message” App
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