Re: Seventies is a Fork to Aging or Not in One’s Life
—- Aging will Get Slower by How One Spends His / Her ”Last Active Phase” —-

The total page number of the small book is only 188, but it costs 1,000 JPY,…I had thought it a bit too expensive when I took it in my hands at a book shop. But, I fully understood that it is worth paying more than the price when I completed reading the best-seller book. Some impressive points are as follows;
1) One can still move one’s body and brain in seventies, which remarkably determines one’s activity after entering eighties
2) With the advances in medicine, we might be able to rejuvenate our organs except BRAIN
3) It’s quite important for aged people to continue using the function of BRAIN and body movement
4) Being able to spend one’s life actively depends upon how one avoids LOWERING of MOTIVATION
5) One of the most effective ways for 4) is to eat Meats.
6) Being exposed to Sunlight makes one rejuvenate
7) Start doing it now, not wondering around something!
The book is easy to read,…I completed within 3 hours

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