Re: Jobs for Maintaining Our Village Shrine

I am assigned as a caretaker for our shrine this year, though I’m just an “Errand Boy”, asking the PIC for Shinto Rituals, preparing a set of offerings (e.g., Rice-cakes, Japanese Sake, Fish, Vegetables, Eggs, Mushrooms). To keep the sacred grounds and facilities of the Shrine clean is also one of my jobs. Today, I served for the following 2 volunteer works;
1) Replacing the beat-up Bell Cord with a New One
2) Curing (healing) damaged nursery trees (e.g., Japanese Plums, Cherries, Sasanquas, Lily Magnolias), which we planted at the grounds 2 years ago
Can I get some wonderful rewards from the God of the Shrine?

In front of our village shrine, the name of which is Kitano shrine after Sugawara Michizane
The old “Beat-up” Bell Cord
New ”White & Red” Bell Cord
A broken branch of the young plum was cured politely with string
Banded the young tree’s shaft to the splint with a new string
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