Re: Some Flowers Have Reached Full Bloom at the Lakeside of Yogo, Now!

We are now enjoying the Golden Week Holidays in Japan. As I can’t help but go outside in such a good day as today (a bit chilly with a short-sleeved T-shirt, though), I went to the place where I’ve made it a rule to visit in this season. I was lucky enough to find several kinds of flowers are still waiting for me this year, too.
PS: The photos were taken by the latest i-phone 13, which I got a few months ago.

Azalea flowers have started blooming.
I like the pale purple color of Japanese wisteria flowers.
The academic name of the yellow flowers is “Senecio pierotii” (サワオグルマ草).
Taken with “Portrait” mode of i-phone 13.
Taken with “Cinematic” mode of i-phone 13.
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