Re: Three Continuous Days’ Tour Guiding around Kyoto (3日連続の京都観光ガイド)

【In English】

Nice spring days for my clients and nail-biting days under a huge amount of pressure for me were over. (^-^;;;;
I was relieved to know the weathers in the three days were so so, it was slightly raining and a bit chilly on Apr., 09 (Tue.), though.
We met several accidents and happenings during the tours, as is often the case. But, I may have been able to accustom myself gradually to have room to breathe to deal with, if I can say my humble opinion. This is because I have many experiences to guide at the same spots so far.
Let me show you the pics of some places which are not as flamboyant as Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺) and Kiyomizu-dera (清水寺) but give the clients interesting episodes in the history of the old capital.

※ I already got a permission for posting the photos from the clients.

【In Japanese (日本語)】



よくあることですが、ツアー中にいくつかのハプニングに遭遇しました。 しかし、私の謙虚な意見を言わせていただければ、少しずつではありますが、このような事態に余裕を持って対処できるようになってきたのかもしれません。その理由は、これまでに何度も同じ場所をガイドしてきた経験があるからです。


※ 写真の掲載許可は既にお客様から頂いております。

Kenninji temple (建仁寺)

Rokkaku-do temple (六角堂)

Tenryu-ji temple (天龍寺) at Arashiyama (嵐山)

In front of the Image statue of “Izumo-no-Okuni” at Shijo Big Bridge (四条大橋近くの出雲の 阿国)

Nishiki Tenmangu-shrine (錦天満宮)

Arashiyama Park (嵐山公園)

Ramen Noodle House near the Imperial Palace (御所近くのラーメン店前)

“The Pine Tree (Rikusyu-no-matsu)” that Yoshimitsu Planted about 600 Years Ago (義満手植えの松:陸舟の松;金閣寺)

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