Re: White Morning (白い朝)

It was freezing cold this morning at lakeside of Yogo.


Click here! (このリンクをクリック(カチッと押す)してみてください。ミュージックを聞くことができると思います。)=====> Bing 動画
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    • Mike Valdez

    Ugh! I am sure that for some people the lakeside Yogo is very beautiful, but for me, seeing how I live in Anchorage, it makes me feel like I am in Alaska. lol I much prefer the dry and warmer weather. The photographs are quite wonderful though. The one titled “Lake Yogo In The Foggy Morning” is my favorite one!

    • lonesome_cowboy

    Mike san, thank you for your nice comment.
    The landscape around the small lake is a bit similar to the one in Alaska?
    I have never been to Alaska before except just a transit at the international airport, but I would like to visit the wide and white land filled with wild nature someday.
    Thank you, and you have a nice weekend, please!

    My schedule from the middle of Mar. to Apr. will be so busy as a tour guide, since we have the gorgeous cherry blossom season.

    Mar. 08 (Fri.)


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