Re: Five Secrets for Overcoming the Wall of 90 Years Old, with Energy 「90歳の壁」を元気に乗り越える5つの極意


I could read the book within one hour today, since the letters are big and easy to understand. I have read many of this kind, on how to keep fit, especially for aged people. And I found common topics among these are well summarized in this book. I mean;
[5 Secrets]
1) Vitalization of Muscles and Bones:
To make lithesome muscle and non-breakable bones
2) Vitalization of Bowel:
To enhance immunizing power
3) Vitalization of Brain:
To make non-senile brain
4) Vitalization of Blood Vessel:
To make non-clogging vessel
5) Vitalization of Sleeping Power
To sleep soundly

The author, who has engaged in medical activities harmonizing with the local people, improvement for their dietary lives and promotion of changes in their consciousness about health, opens the methods developed by himself, in an easily understood manner.

Like everything, “Persistence pays off!!”

【Japanese (日本語)】



私は、この種の本(とくに高齢者の健康を維持する方法についての本)をこれまでよく読んできております。 今回、この本を読んでこれらに共通する話題が本書によくまとめられていると感じました。即ち、以下のようなことです。
1) 筋活・骨活:
2) 腸活
3) 脳活
4) 脈活
5) 眠活



The Book’s Cover(本の表紙ページ)

5 Secrets (5つの極意)

Heels Drop Exercise for making non-breakable bones, by stimulating osteoblastic cells


You can expect to strengthen your calves and to rejuvenate your capillary vessels.
I’ve continued adding this easy exercise for more than 6 years when I do NHK’s radio gymnastics every morning.

Sleeping Time vs Mortality Risk of Circulatory Diseases

About the Author (Minoru KAMATA)

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