Re: What is “SPIN” in the Quantum Theory? (「スピン」とは何か?)

【In English】

The “Blue Backs Series” of a publishing company, KODANSHA has a long history, having brought many informative science-related books into the world.

Only less than 100 years have passed since a new idea of SPIN was discovered, but they say that the new scientific world related to this concept, i.e., Spintronics is one of the hottest topics in not only pure science but also the field of its application.

I’m sorry to say that the part I could manage to catch up with was only the introduction, all the others were far beyond my understanding ability.

One of the familiar examples of this application around us is a Hard Disc Drive (HDD). When 30 years ago, a floppy disc had only 1 MB capacity, but now you can get more than 1 TB disc by paying only10,000 JPY. The ability jumped by more than 1 million times by the invention!!! This is thanks to taking advantage of a characteristics of SPIN.!!!
We often hear high-tech medical equipment of “MRI” (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), which is often used for detecting status of our body’s abnormality. This is also its application.
A “Quantum Computer”, which is said to have PRODIGIOUSLY faster calculation speed than conventional ones, is one of the applications, too!

I now have an impression that the Spintronics must be one of the decisive fields of breakthrough of our world.


The post is just a memorandum for me, since I’ll totally forget in a week or so even the fact that I read the book….(^-^;;;;

【In Japanese 日本語】

タイトル: (原子や分子を扱う量子の世界に現れる)「スピン」とは何か?

「SPIN 」という新しい概念が発見されてからまだ 100 年も経っていませんが、これに関連している新しい科学の世界、即ち 「スピントロニクス」(スピン+エレクトロニクス)は、純粋科学としてだけではなく、その応用分野でも最も注目されているトピックの1つと言われております。


この技術の身近な例の 1 つは、ハードディスク ドライブ (HDD) です。 今から30年ほど前には、フロッピーディスクは 1MB 程度しかありませんでしたが、今では 10,000 円も払えば 1TB 以上のディスクが手に入るようになりました。 スピンの性質を利用したこの発明により能力が100万倍以上にも跳ね上がったのです!!!




The Book’s Cover (本の表紙ページ)

The Book’s Back Cover (本の裏表紙ページ)

About the Author (著者のプロフィール)

Some Applications of Spin Character (スピンの性質を応用した事例)

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