Re: Jobs for Maintaining Our Village Shrine (No.2)

After I retired from the office 5 years ago, I have been given a bunch of jobs for our community. This is because I had been away from my hometown after completing a local high school here. I worked as the group leader in 2018, the deputy leader of the community association in 2019, the leader in 2020, a member of the board of directors of our fishery cooperative and the leader of our forestry cooperative as well in 2021, and now I’m also assigned as the representative of the caretaker for our shrine too, in this year. Don’t take me wrong. I’m NOT on high position at all, …. I’m just an “Errand Boy”, asking the PIC for Shinto Rituals, preparing a set of offerings. To keep the sacred grounds and facilities of the Shrine clean is also one of my jobs. I’m something like a janitor….(^-^;
Since a job of replacing the beat-up bell cord in front of the main shrine with a new one had been well-received, they asked me to renew the other ones too. As I’m an obedient errand boy, I went to a DIY store today to buy hooks to fix the cord onto the ceiling, and did it myself, using a ladder under the hottest sun.
Can I get some wonderful rewards from the God of the Shrine?

In front of our village shrine, the name of which is Kitano shrine after Sugawara Michizane
Old bell cords in front of Inari shrine, which have been used for 10 years. The cloth cords got beat-up.
Replaced with the new one (^^♪

Old bell cords in front of Shiraki (新羅) shrine, which have been used for 10 years, too. The cloth cords got beat-up.

Replaced with the new one (^^♪

The one of the main shrine was also renewed (^^♪

Fixed with the New Hook by the Terribly Awkward “Errand Boy”
The Main Torii Gate of Our Village Shrine

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