Re: Mowing Work around Our Ancestors’ Tomb (先祖代々のお墓周りの草刈り作業)

[In English]

Our group of Soto sect in our hamlet has made it a rule to mow weeds around our ancestors’ tomb in this season every year. Today was the day. It became a perfectly fine spring day from the morning, and we felt a bit too warm when we started the job under the blue sky. Thanks to powerful helpers’ attendance, bringing grass mowers, we were able to complete the cleanup work as scheduled, without any troubles. Thank you so much for your kind and sincere support, the young guys and the temple’s priest!

After coming back my home and taking a shower, I was so happy to notice that my weight lost more than 1 kilo,…probably it must be our forefathers’ reward!

[In Japanese]




During the Mowing Work
After the Work (1 of 4)
作業後(1 of 4)
After the Work (2 of 4)
作業後(2 of 4)
After the Work (3 of 4)
作業後 (3 of 4)
After the Work (4 of 4)
作業後 (4 of 4)
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