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I have a new friend in my hometown, who has started living at his newly built house here since last august. He loves the place including the seasonal landscapes of Lake Yogo and the village people. He also seems to like participating in many events and / or activities related to the nature here.

So, I invited him to go along the strip roads around our mountain, which have been laid during the revitalization (thinning) project of our village mountain.

It was a perfect day for the hiking yesterday, not too warm nor too chilly, with green breeze in the mountain.

We walked 6.6 km from the southernmost entrance to the north end, the highest altitude of 245 m, and the lowest 131m. It took about 4 hours, since we had rests for several times and swung by on the way.

I’ve wanted to invite elderly people in this hamlet too to join such an activity, but I’m sorry to say it may be a bit difficult to hold the event now, since a latrine nearby was removed half a year ago. But, when a new one will be built in the future, I’m going to have such a socializing opportunity in a pleasant season.

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The Day’s Track (1 of 2) [当日の歩行コース(1 of 2)]
The Day’s Track (2 of 2) [当日の歩行コース(2 of 2)]
The Highest View Point at Osuge [オスゲの最高地点]
Long Strip Roads to the Walking Path of “Haiku no Michi” [「俳句の道」に通じる長い作業道]
The Dam at Aratani [荒谷の堰堤]
In Front of Fire Protection Pond near Syogen-ji Temple [正源寺近くの防火用水池]
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