Re: My Resolutions for Coming 2023 (新年の抱負)

One of my duties in the end of a year has just finished today…. prepared “A Happy New Year” cards (more than 100)!
I’ve made it a rule to declare my new year’s resolutions for the last 5 or 6 years in the card, and the one for 2023 is not an exception either, almost the same ones as previous years though.
Quite different from annual job-related goals in my office days, I feel confident that I’ve endeavored to accomplish my private goals so far, especially for maintaining my physical and mental health.
My New Year’s Resolutions ;
1) To Maintain My Physical & Mental Health by Continuing Light Exercises and Leading Regular Life
(“Exercise is a Real Polypill”!!)
2) To Enhance the “Quality” for Delivering the Charm of Nature, History & Culture of “Kohoku”, Northern Region of Lake Biwa
Have a Happy New Year Please, All!!

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