Re: Hiking along the Mountain Path, with a Respectable Gentleman from Osaka

As I touched it in the beginning of this month, I like walking along a nearby mountain path in this greenery season. It is because:
1) I’ve been assigned as the leader of a thinning operation project for the forest since 2 years ago
2) I love to see the brilliant greeneries of young leaves of trees under the fleckless blue sky, which (I believe) must give us much energy to advance bravely for tomorrow

It was a dry fine day today, so, the talented gentleman from the city who has a gorgeous second home in our village and I went hiking for the forest. I was so happy to see that the man was fully satisfied with the 2.5 hours’ walking too, kindly listening to the histories, various topics and old legends from this amateurish boy. The gentleman is no less than 10 years senior than I. (^^♪

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