Re: The Shinto Ritual (a Ceremony for Worshipping God) of Praying Safety for Coming Lake Smelts Fishing Season (ワカサギ釣り安全祈願祭)

Lake Yogo is the best-known place in western Japan for fishing lake smelts in cold season. As the starting time has been lately earlier than before, we are scheduled to open the fishing pier from the first day in coming Nov. this year. In order to pray safety and brisk season, we had the Shinto Ritual today just in front of the pier. As one of the directors of the fisheries cooperative of Lake Yogo, I attended it today, though I’m just an “errand boy” (^-^;
Please come fishing here in winter. You can enjoy a full day by just 1,600 JPY.
PS: I’m scheduled to be pulled into the preparation job tomorrow, too.

The Fishing Pier at the southern-most spot of the Lake
The Offerings to the Lake God
The Shinto Priest is now praying
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