Re: The Air of Breeze Flowing from Greeneries at the Nearby Forest is So Refreshing!

Good days have been continuing in the Golden Week Holidays in our district. I went out to our village forest to see how the field where the local forestry cooperative did a thinning operation last year has changed after the heavy snow in last winter. (I’ve been assigned as the leader of the project since 2 years ago.)
I was relieved to know that the site and the strip road for carrying the cut woods from the forest have been kept almost “unscathed”.
I met no one (and luckily no wild bears) during the 2 hour’s walk along the mountain path. There are no entertaining facilities and shops here. But, I was able to feel satisfied, with only seeing the brilliant greeneries basking in the sunlight through the surrounding trees and hearing whistling of birds.

You can imagine how relaxing with that “Forest Bathing” is!!
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    • lonesome_cowboy

    “Forest Bathing” must give you good health for your body and mind. Please keep the good custom from now on, too!

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