Re: I couldn’t help but be sickened to know that “ERFS” forces Inbound Tourists to keep so STRICTLY (いくら何でも”ERFS”はやりすぎとちゃう?)

They say that the Government of Japan has loosed the regulation for inbound tourists to enter into this popular country since Mar., this year. Thanks to the deregulation, quite a few approaches and / or requests have come to even an “Amateurish Tour Guide” like me lately. Here, the highest hurdle for the tourists is to register themselves on “ERFS” ( Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System), which is for preventing COVID-19 infections. After the procedure, the tourists can get their “Tourist Visa” from Japan’s Embassy or Consulate Office in their country. That’s why almost all possible customers have asked me to help the procedures. Here, “ERFS” regulates that “During guests’ entire stay in Japan they must be accompanied by a guide from morning till night in principle, from the arrival at an airport in Japan on the day of entry to the airport on the day of return”.
Today, I was asked to do so by an American who is scheduled to land at Narita near Tokyo and the next day, he would come to Osaka, after staying in Tokyo. In that case, a tour guide has to go Narita Int’l airport for welcoming the guest, and stay at a hotel in Tokyo, and then next day, the guest and the guide have come to Osaka together. Of course, when the guest leaves from Narita, the guide has to go there again with him, just for sending him off. I really think that how wasteful that is! I believe this is the main reason why many sightseers from abroad get “cold feet”…. (*_*;

Incentive Tour around Kansai for Medical Doctors from the Philippines (May, 2018)
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