Re: Small Driving Trip around the Northern Region of Kyoto

After a periodical dental checkup in Nagaoka-kyo today, I made an impromptu visit to Hyakuman-ben (百万遍) area of the Old Capital, where I used to live. This is because there is my favorite lunch restaurant along the students’ quarter. The dish was so nice as it used to be, but I couldn’t finish off all the foods, unlike young guys near my seat. (^-^;
On the way back to my home, I took a different course than usual,….toward the North of Ohara (大原), where we can appreciate that nostalgic old culture of suburban Kyoto. Sanzen-in Temple (三千院) is the representative spot there, the origin of which is said that Saicho (最澄; 767 – 822) built the hermitage here. The moss-covered precinct is very popular for many tourists from abroad too, though today I met no guests whose native tongue is not Japanese.
It was a nice drive for me along the “Mackerel Road” (which connects Obama to Kyoto; 鯖街道) too. I was able to buy that famous Mackerel Sushi (鯖寿司) on Route 367. (^^♪

Second-hand Book Shop near Kyoto Univ.
Chion-ji Temple (知恩寺)near Hyakuman-ben (百万遍)
Hi-lite Restaurant. The good taste has never changed since 50 years ago!
The Lunch Combo of Deep-fried Meats I ordered today
The Cafe, which has not changed either
The Gate of Sanzen-in Temple

The moss-covered precinct of Sanzen-in Temple (1 of 3)

The moss-covered precinct of Sanzen-in Temple (2 of 3)

The moss-covered precinct of Sanzen-in Temple (3 of 3)
The Mackerel Sushi I bought today on Route 367!

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