Re: How Does Statistics Work?
—– Everyone can learn it even with no knowledge about it —–

I used to be an engineer of Quality Control (QC) for no less than 25 years in an electronic components’ maker company. Here, QC can be defined as any effort to minimize any variation of products, in a sense.
How can we measure the variation? We have to benefit from the established knowledge of “Statistics”, which is the most fundamental and important “tool” in QC.
Fruits gained with “Statistics”, however, can be often found in our daily lives, too. Representative examples are, the weather forecast, an outcome of the election, and a passing possibility of the entrance exam for some college.
The book gives us an interesting quiz as follows;
Among the four options below, which one is rarer occurrence than a case that you can win the 1st prize in the “Summer Jumbo” lottery in Japan (500,000,000 JPY)?
a)A death hit by a meteorite
b)Getting a hole-in-one (in the golf playing)
c)A death by a plane crashing
d)No options here
[Note] Please find the correct one from the attached pic.(^^♪

The Book’s Cover
Some Topics of the Book
About the Author
The Relationship between Average Longevity and Average Income of People of Nations
The Probabilities (%) of the question are as follows;
a) 0.000063
b) 0.0083
c) 0.000017
The 1st prize in the “Summer Jumbo”: 0.00001
So, the Correct one is d) (^_-)-☆
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