Re: Hydrangea Flowers at Lakeside of Yogo is Now Three-Quarter in Bloom (余呉湖畔の紫陽花は7分咲です!)

Since we have already entered into the long rainy season, it became a bit muggy and warm summer day today at lakeside of Yogo. As you can imagine so, hydrangea flowers have started blooming at the garden around the lake, so a lot of sightseers were coming today for seeing it from not only Shiga but other prefectures, too. I thought the color of the flowers was almost blue, a bit different from the one of usual years. This might be because the soil PH level differs a bit year by year.
On the way back from the site, I happened to see a foreigner who continued seeing the landscape around the lake, sitting on a bench. So, just out of mere curiosity, I addressed him, “Hi, did you come for sightseeing?” The middle-aged gentleman smilingly replied, “No, Just for fishing. But I’ve often come to the lake. Because it sure is AMAZING!”

Blue Colored Hydrangea Flowers
Red and Purple Colored are Mixed
At the Garden
A Bit Different Kind of Flowers
In Front of Lake Yogo
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