Re: Thank you very much for giving me a good word for my MILESTONE B/D (私の“節目の誕生日”へお言葉をいただき、ありがとうございます!)

Hi, good day!
I thank you so much for your nice BD word for me. Today, I reached the age that Chinese people in old days thought it very rare to live such long. (^_-)-☆  (We have often heard a “centenarian” these days, though.)
My resolutions this year, (which haven’t changed at all for these 5 years) are;
1) “Health First”, both for Physical & Mental
2) Keep having Dreams to Accomplish
3) Keep good relationship with Local People & Old Friends
I wish keeping a Happiness of “A New Morning has Come again, today!” under the fresh air, when I do NHK’s radio gymnastic.

The Memorial Ceramic Picture Plate that the Company I had worked kindly Presented me at My “Official” Retirement Day
The Photo was taken when my family members visited me in TX, 26 years ago
Murata Seisaku-kun, the 1st Generation
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