The Great Traverse on Trails of Surrounding Mountains around Lake Yogo

Re: The Great Traverse (余呉湖を囲む山道を踏破する)
I walked a mountain trail on the east side of Lake Yogo last week, traversing from the North to South. I have made a hiking along the course several times, so this time, I decided a small adventure traversing on the opposite side, i.e., on the west side, which I have never tried it before. That is why it was a perfect spring weather yesterday and they said that I might not have to worry about an encounter with a wild bear.
Walking along a ridge of the mountain made me feel very refreshing with green breeze through verdurous leaves, being able to find some peaks that I have never heard before. I met almost no one on the new course, and luckily no wild animals like a bear either. That was really a “Great Traverse”!

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