Re: Adventurous Hiking Crossing over a Steep Mountain between Two Hamlets

It was a warm and fine autumn day, today, too. Since my acquaintance (the monk of my family temple) kindly suggested me to try to hike over a mountain from my hometown to the adjacent village, we started from the temple this morning, having a backpack with a bottle of tea. As I’ve continued walking exercise for more than 10,000 steps a day, I was a bit confident to climb up normal slopes. Yes, I was able to reach to the counterfort (尾根) of the border mountain, without any troubles. The monk surprisingly said to me, “Yoshi, your climbing speed is so fast…you must be too young!” But, after the mountain path, we had to descend on many steep valleys, without any trails. It seemed to me no one has tried walking around there for many years. We had to spend more than three times longer when we descended than we ascended. I sweated like a horse…( ;∀;);;;;;
Miscellaneous trees in the natural forest have almost reached to the foliage season.

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