Re: Let’s Study “Quantum Mechanics” (QM) from Nothing! (Blue Backs Series) —- The 1st Step to the World of QM —- ゼロから学ぶ量子力学(ブルーバックスシリーズ)

【In English】

Being attracted by the title, I started reading the book, since I had studied it about 50 years ago, though I’ve totally forgotten about it. (Another reason why is that I read a related book titled “What is “SPIN” in the Quantum Theory?” a month ago.)

But, after reading 20 pages or so, I noticed that the book was definitely beyond my understanding level…
Though I was not able to understand the book’s content at all, just seeing the face of Dr. Schrödinger (1887 – 1961), an Austrian Theoretical physicist, who won the Nobel Prize in 1933 on “The discovery of atomic theory under the new system” was worth touching the book.

I thought the catalyst of an exponential development in some engineering field must have been accomplished so far too, by such geniuses.

【In Japanese (日本語)】

タイトル:ゼロから学ぶ量子力学 — 量子世界への初めの一歩 —(ブルーバックスシリーズ)

もうすっかり忘れてしまっていますが、50年ほど前に勉強したことがあるこの分野の本をそのタイトルに惹かれて読み始めました。 (もう一つは、1ヶ月ほど前に「量子論における『SPIN』とは何か?」という関連書籍を読んだこともその理由に挙げられます。)



The Book’s Cover(本の表表紙)

About the Author of Kaoru TAKEUCHI(著者のプロフィール)

About Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger(シュレディンガー博士のプロフィール)

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