Re: Summary & Reflection for the 4 Days’ Tour Guiding around Kyoto & Nara (4日間のツアーガイドの反省)

[In English]

I served for the nicest guests who are almost my own age from 10 (Tue.), Oct. to 13(Fri.), around Kyoto (3 days) and Nara (1 day).
We were very lucky, as the weather of all the days were not so hot but a bit brisk, no raining.

I’ve made it a rule to look back a tour guide job I served, when I came back to my home.
1) Did I explain important points at each spot, in order to make guests nod satisfactorily?
2) Were there any wrong and / or unusual expressions in English I spoke?
3) What were the income and expenditure?
4) Based upon the reflection, I want to improve the next tour for a bit better guiding.

I honestly think my explanation has been getting better than 5 years ago, when my skill was pretty bad. I may give more than 85 points this time, but still there is much room for improvement.
There must have been plenty of unnatural expressions and / or improper usage in English during the tour, the guests were able to understand what I wanted to say, though. I noted these errors for not repeating such faults again in the future.

The income from the tour agent (abroad) is promised to be about 823 USD (122,700 JPY) for the 4 days, including the guests’ transportation and entrance fees. The total expenditure was about 478 USD (71,300 JPY), including my own necessary cost, including transportations, hotel charges, my foods, and of course drinking at night. So, the net profit was roughly 345 USD (51,400 JPY). The sales-profit ratio was 42%!!
Since I think the job is not necessarily for my livelihood but for my “personal development” if I am allowed to say, I’m thoroughly satisfied!!

[Note] I already got a permission to post the photos from the guests.

[In Japanese (日本語)]

2) 私が話した英語に間違った表現や通常使わない表現はなかっただろうか?
3) 収入と支出はどうなったのだろうか?
4) これらの“振り返り”(反省)により、修正すべき点を抑えて次回のツアーでは少しでもより良いガイドができるよう改善することが目的です。

正直、私のスキルがかなり悪かった5年前に比べれば、(これまでの経験により)私の説明は多少、良くなってきていると思います。 今回は 85 点程度あげられるかもしれません。勿論、まだまだ改善の余地はたくさんありますが。。。

ツアー中は不自然な英語表現や不適切な使い方も多かったと思いますが、ゲストの皆様には私の言いたいことは理解していただけたと思います。 今後このようなエラーを繰り返さないために、これらの間違いと修正表現はメモしておきました。

旅行代理店(海外)からの収入は、ゲストの交通費や入場料などを含めて4日間で約823ドル(約12万2,700円)が約束されております。 交通費、ホテル代、食費、もちろん夜の飲み代など、私自身の必要経費を含めた総支出額は約478ドル(約7万1,300円)でした。 ということで、純利益はおよそ345ドル(51,400円)となりました。 したがって売上利益率は42%となります。



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