Re: Wonderful Gift from My Old Friend; New Tea Leaves (旧友からの素晴らしい贈り物:新茶)

[In English]
One of my old friends in my college days kindly sent me the nicest gift today. He lives in Shimada city in Shizuoka (静岡県島田市), which is renowned for the place of production of high quality Japanese tea. And now (early of May) is the best picking season,….the 88th day of spring.

The friend was born and grown at an old-established families, and his ancestor of a several generations earlier allegedly contributed a lot for the advancement of tea industry in the area.

PS: He is also known as a researcher about “Warriors’ Kabuto-Buddha Faith” (兜仏信仰) in the provincial era (戦国時代); the small Buddhas hidden in helmets.

[In Japanese]






Outer Package of the Gift [贈り物の外装]
緑茶 (Green Tea)
新茶 (The first tea of the season)
Most high-quality teas are produced from the First Tea [殆どの高級茶はこの一番茶からつくられます]
Small Introduction on What the First Tea is [一番茶(新茶)とは何かについて記されたしおり]
How to Make Delicious Tea [美味しい新茶の入れ方]
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