Re: How to Spend My Own Time in the “Golden Week Holidays” (黄金週間休暇の過ごし方)

[In English]

Golden Week Holidays have just begun.

They say that strict regulations for COVID-19 spread have remarkably eased in Japan since last Mar., I think a lot of people may go outside for leisure and sightseeing. Since I’m scheduled to go Kyoto again for 8 days after the holidays, I’m planning to kick back and relax, spending my time in a leisurely manner. (I don’t like going out in a crowded street.)

I think I can do no better than walking along a rural road that I’ve made it a rule to take a walk almost every day. I meet almost no one on the way. I can find some flowers have started blooming here and there. I feel as if my soul is being washed clean. That’s my most favorite time.

[In Japanese]





Azalea flowers (1 of 2)
ツツジ (1 of 2)
Azalea flowers (2 of 2)
ツツジ (2 of 2)
Wisteria flowers 藤の花
Senecio pierotii flowers (1 of 2)
サワオグルマ草(1 of 2)
Senecio pierotii flowers (2 of 2)
サワオグルマ草(2 of 2)
The Motion Picture of Senecio pierotii flowers’ garden
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