Re: The Importance of Scientific Management (科学的管理の重要性)

[In English]

I’ve been assigned as one of the board members of the Fisheries Cooperative of Lake Yogo (余呉湖漁協) since about 3 years ago…., actually an “errand boy”, though. (^-^;

One of our big jobs is to take care and manage lake smelts fishing at the Lake in winter season, which has now become very famous in the western part of Japan as a feature of this season.
The fishing exploits, however, have often varied day by day, very good on someday, but the next day it decreases remarkably. No one knows exactly what the reason of the big change is. We have repeated the same question every year, without getting any hints for solving the problem.

So, from this season, we started collecting data which might influence the exploits, such as a day’s weather, air temperature, lake water temperature, wind speed and the difference of the fishing place.
We haven’t been able to find the definite relationship between the exploit and possible factors yet, but we are now feeling some factor may have a correlation. If we can find out the exact factor, our next job is to take actions (measures) to undo the cause, in order that our precious guests can enjoy the fishing as much as they want.

We really think that this kind of “Scientific Management” is very important in not only QC (Quality Control) at a factory but also in the fields of our daily lives.

[In Japanese]

タイトル: 科学的管理の重要性

私は、3年ほど前から「余呉湖漁業協同組合」の役員を仰せつかっております。……実際のところは、「パシリ」(下っ端)ですが…. (^-^;

しかし、釣果は日ごとに変化することが多く、ある日は非常にうまくいきますが、次の日には著しく減少することもしばしばです。この大きな変化の理由が何であるかを正確に知る人は誰もいません。 そして、この問題解決のヒントが得られないまま、毎年同じ質問を繰り返してきました。


Lake Smelts Fishing at Edo Fishing Pier (江土桟橋) at 1:00 o’clock PM on Feb., 16 (江土桟橋での釣り状況)

Fishing Situation at Edo Pier (江土桟橋での釣り状況)
Day by Day Temperature Change (湖と河川の水温変化)
Anglers’ Number vs Water Temperature (川並及び江土桟橋での釣り客数と湖の水温推移)
Day by Day Anglers’ Number Change (釣り客数の日々推移)
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