Re: About the Pleasure of Maps Authored by Jun-ichi HORI (堀 淳一著 「地図のたのしみ」)

These three books were written long time ago, 1972, 1976 and 1987, respectively. The reason why I borrowed them from a library was that I’ve known the author by name, who won the Japan Essayist Club Award. Hori used to be a professor of physics, but he resigned from the secure position, leaving 10 years till his retirement age.

Though geography or geology was not definitely the scholar’s area of expertise, he knows everything about maps, and introduces many interests which can be found from the illustration of lands, including the transition of the area and the reason. I was also impressed a lot to know that the author’s description with wits is quite logical and persuasive.

The gentleman of culture used to continue walking around many places, bringing maps, not only in Japan but also the worldwide in his “Golden Years”. I yearned for his life, because he was able to lead his “afternoon life”, seeking what he really wanted to enjoy in his irreplaceable life.

PS: I learned the basics of Physics from the professor. It was more than 50 years ago.

“The Pleasure of Maps” won the Japan Essayist Club Award in 1972

Other books I read today. Being impressed with the book titled “Travelling Alone around Ireland”, I’m now planning to walk some of my favorite place in England, next year

About the Author, Jun-ichi HORI

I now understand how to catch a “Chine” (A) and a “Valley” (B) from a contour. The right figure is an illustration of a starfish

“Triangulation Point Method” for Making More Accurate Map than Before

The professor was much impressed with Maps available in Europe, which seem to be like painstaking handicrafts
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