Re: Jizo Bon En-nichi (地蔵盆縁日)

When I was a kid, one of the most exciting events in our summer holidays was to go to the Obon festival, i.e., En-nich at our nearest town of Kinomoto (木之本). Our purpose was definitely not to pray in front of Jizo Bosatsu (a kind of the God), but to browse around a lot of attractive toys and gadgets at street stalls, and buy the most favorite ones with accumulated small pocket money for the days. (The toys were necessarily broken within the day, though…(^-^; )
I jus wanted to go back to those days when I used to be a compliant boy (素直な少年), I went out to the busiest street today. I smiled and recalled the good old days when I saw many good boys and girls who must have pure heart. They were so excited in front of such stalls as Okonomiyaki (thin and flat pancake cooked on a hot plate with bits of meat, seafood and chopped cabbages), and small ball scooping play.
And, when I visited the town’s visitor center, I happened to see a gentleman who is now one of the grand persons of “Volunteer tour guide of Northern District of Lake Biwa (奥琵琶湖ボランティアガイド). The gentleman and I, of course, went to the nearby lunch restaurant in order to enjoy renewing old friendships. It was a very hot day today, but a very fruitful day too for me.

A lot of “Attractive” Street Stalls were open today

The En-nichi days are from Aug., 22 -25, most exciting days for good boys and girls

Jyoshin-ji temple, the “Mecca” of En-nichi

The Lunch Menu that We took with the Gentleman

In front of the Lunch Restaurant (taken by the gentleman)
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