The Best Physical Condition after You Reached Sixties —– Get “Not Aging Body” with Hormones & Minerals —–

According to the book, the secrets are the following 5 “Common Wisdoms”
1) Replenish Hormones to avoid aging of your body and mind
2) Replenish Minerals to enhance your immune strength for protecting illnesses such as infective diseases and cancers
3) Know how to take supplements exactly for keeping fit
4) Change your dietary life to valuing breakfast
5) Improve your nocturia (夜間頻尿) to enhance the quality of your daily sleep and life
Just reading a book bears nothing. So, I already ordered a supplement today including Zinc, which (according to the author) is an indispensable mineral for keeping our health.

The Book Cover
5 “Common Wisdoms” for “Not Aging Your Body & Mind”
In Order to Enjoy Your Healthy Life from Now on
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