Re: My Own Website of a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (全国通訳案内士ウェブサイト)

I was quite ignorant about making WEBSITE, but thanks to a professional IT engineer’s help, I managed to create my own website for a tour guide at last, though I have to repeat PDCA from now on, too. I know it well that it is not so easy to catch customers from abroad for KOHOKU (Northern region of Lake Biwa), which almost no one has ever heard, needless to say in the midst of this COVID-19 disasters. But, I don’t mind it at all. I can find a joy in knowing a trend of “visitors” and analyzing in what kind of tours they have interest from the analytics. And, if I should be able to get a rare and amazing guest in the future, I would happy to guide the first person around KOHOKU with no charge! (^^♪

The Logo of “KOHOKU Tour”, which My Talented Friend Kindly Designed
My Name Card

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