Re: Practical Exercise of “Training Course for Guide Interpreters Limited to Nagahama” (長浜市地域通訳案内士養成講習 実地研修)

We went to Chikubu-shima island, Hikiyama Festival Museum and Keiun-kan (a Guest Palace for VIPs) for out practical training. The visit to the second largest island was my first experience, but it was amazing. It was a pity that we didn’t have a chance to try a clay plate throwing (かわらけ投げ), since the time was so tight. I was also impressed to see the Noblest Seats that the Emperor and Empress of Meiji (明治天皇・皇后) took a seat 136 years ago.
We are looking forward to going to the Post Station Town of Kinomoto (木之本), and Sugaura (菅浦) tomorrow, which was selected as an “Important Cultural Landscape” in 2014.
(The training tour was fantastic, but we were terribly exhausted with a lot of preparation and simulated guiding today….)

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