Re: The 1st Day of “Training Course of the Guide Interpreter Limited to Nagahama” (長浜市地域通訳案内士養成研修の1日目)

Since I luckily passed the screening test, I was given a chance today to attend the 1st day, which was held at the Town-Building Center of Nagahama. I was a bit surprised to know that many had applied to the course unexpectedly, and 16 women and 5 men were selected among them. After I heard the attendees’ self-introduction, I felt that the applicants’ motivation and their English proficiency level were rather higher than I had imagined…some graduated from a college of foreign studies, some were transferred to foreign countries, some used to be an English teacher, and some got married with a foreigner. Today, we learned about the basics such as an actual situation of tourism of the city, and then we practiced a life-saving measures for our precious guests just in case of emergency. (I can now use AED apparatus with no problem!) If we continue attending all the 8 days course perfectly, and If we pass the final oral exam in Dec., we will be able to get the certification at the city hall, in next Jan.

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