Re: Application to a Guide Interpreter Limited to My Hometown, Nagahama (長浜市地域限定通訳案内士への応募)

I happened to find the application form today at a branch office of the City Hall.
I really think that my hometown has a lot of historical heritages and natural beauties here and there. These spots are quite different from the ones of internationally famous sightseeing destinations such as Kyoto, Osaka and Nara, but some foreign tourists may prefer “austerely cool charm” (渋い魅力) here to those popular tourist sites. As a licensed tour guide, I have experienced a tour guiding for foreign guests in the old capitals before the epidemic’s spread, but my knowledge about my birthplace may be very poor. That’s why I submitted the application. May many guests come to Kohoku, the northern area of the largest lake Biwako (琵琶湖), after COVID-19 comes to the end!

[Information for Applicants to Guide Interpreter Limited to My Hometown, Nagahama (長浜市地域限定通訳案内士応募要領)]

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