Re: I’m going to use the “Hands-free amplification equipment” for the first time! (明日のツアーガイドでは“両手が自由に使える拡声器”を初めて使ってみようっと…)

【In English】

I’m scheduled to serve for the 4 pax family from USA from tomorrow. The destination is Kyoto, again. The spots there are almost the same as I have experienced so far, i.e., sanjyusangendo temple, Fushimi Inari shrine, Kimono and Japanese tea ceremony experience, Kyoto imperial palace, Kinkaku-ji temple and Arashiyama park. I have often wondered if guests might be a bit hard to listen what I am explaining, especially at a wide area such as Arashiyama. So, I bought the amplification the other day, which may be most appropriate for a tour guiding. Tomorrow is my first experience to use such a “smart gadget”. (^^♪

【In Japanese (日本語)】



“Hands-free amplification equipment” (1 of 2)

両手が自由になる拡声器(1 of 2)

“Hands-free amplification equipment” (2 of 2)

両手が自由になる拡声器(2 of 2)

The advance preparation for the tour around Kyoto (part)


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