Re: This is My Biggest Surprise to See Such an Awful Lot of Number of Lake Smelts (@_@。(こんな湖魚の大群を見たのは初めてだ!)

[In English]

As one of the board members of the Fisheries Cooperative Association and as an ingenuous boy who believes the importance of an aerobic exercise, I made a daily duty of Walking around Lake Yogo today, too.
Then, I happened to find vast numbers of Lake Smelts were swimming along the shore, near the fishing pier. I remember, from my own experience, that smelts already laid eggs one month ago. Why are such too many fishes that have completed spawning gather at the lake shore, not offshore? Why only at around this east side pier? (Nothing at around the west side)
The ecological reality is filled with too many mysteries!

[Note] The motion pic. might be hard to see, due to reflection from the water surface.

[In Japanese]

タイトル:ワカサギがこんなにたくさん群れているなんて驚きだ! (◎_◎;)


すると、たまたま江土釣り桟橋近くの岸辺にワカサギが大量に泳いでいるのを見つけました。 私達漁協関係者が冬に行っている人工河川での産卵の世話の経験から、私はワカサギは 既に一ヶ月前に産卵し終えていることを覚えています。 それなのに、何故産卵を終えたこれほど大量の群れが沖合ではなくこの岸辺に集まっているのでしょうか?  そして何故、東側の江土桟橋あたりだけなのでしょうか? (西側の川並桟橋周辺には一匹もいないのに????)


【追記】添付した動画は、 水面の反射で見にくいかもしれません。

Edo Fishing Pier (江土桟橋)
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